Who and What Are Chiropractors?

 Chiropractors in Australia are registered and regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), through the Chiropractic Board of Australia. 

 In summary, chiropractors focus on the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions, especially those related to the spine. 

In Australia, chiropractors are University trained requiring both under-graduate and post-graduate qualifications (minimum of five years training). Once graduated Chiropractors are required to undertake continuing professional development each year to ensure they maintain updated knowledge, guided by an expanding body of evidence and research.  

What do Chiropractors do? 

Chiropractors provide patient-centred care and work in partnership with their patients. This is achieved through educating and informing the patient about the relevant condition. Through the use of the research and evidence, they develop a management plan that is aimed at improving the presenting condition of the patient. 

Common treatment modalities that may be used through this process could include: education, Soft tissue massage, Chiropractic adjustments (or spinal manipulation), peripheral manipulation, joint mobilisation, dry needling and therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise prescription

Published studies and reports through the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme show that chiropractic is a low risk health modality. While chiropractic treatment is generally considered safe, occasionally it may cause adverse reactions in some people.  Chiropractors are educated to modify spinal manual therapy to suit the age and presenting condition of a patient.

Where do Chiropractors fit in the Australian Healthcare system?

Chiropractors are both primary healthcare and allied healthcare practitioners. What this means is that they can both be the initial point of contact for a musculoskeletal condition or can work in with a wider multidisciplinary team.

 With the majority of Chiropractors in private practices like King Street Natural Health, patients may seek out Chiropractors through private consultations where private health insurance rebates may be available. Referrals from your GP, other allied health and medical professionals can result in a multidisciplinary approach. Programs such as Medicare enhanced primary care program, the DVA health care card, workers compensation claims and 3rd party motor vehicle accidents, may be available to patients when seeking chiropractic care.

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